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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mu Tsa Lesson

Mu Tsa is an abbreviation of the name of my students who has died a week ago.

She is a fresh student of our beloved senior high school. She was too young to leave us. She aged about fifteen. Both parents, teachers, peers, classmates, school friends and of course his extended family were so surprised and did not believe her passing, her death. They cried, mourned, and asked to their heart why she, a little girl,  is now back to the Creator.
Mu Tsa, two weeks ago your classmates jokeed with you, teachers called your name to make sure whether you were present in the classroom or not. You are a cheerful teenage girl, sociable and of course, you're healthy, you're not sick.  No suspicious symptom of a seriously ill you have. Yes, you are not sick, you're very healthy.  But, a week ago, we had to let you go, received this condition with open hearts about your leaving to face the Creator.  We are willing and confident that now you are in heaven.  Amen 3x

Mu Tsa, I say thank you. This is a very valuable life lessons for us all, a life lessons about death.  The death can’t be accelerated or delayed;  death could not be measured of time.  The death is a must for every animate creature.  Young and old, male or female, healthy or sick, rich or poor, officials or the people, all will meet with the death. Anytime and anywhere, without our guess or prediction the death will meet us. Only God, God knows more (wallahu a'lamu).

The writer, friends, family, brothers and sisters, lets all  prepare the arrival of death gracefully. Let’s always pray:
"Allahumma Nas-aluka Salamatan Fid Diin, wa Taubatan Qoblal maut, Wa Maghfirotan  Ba'dal Maut, Wa Rohmatan 'indal Maut, Wal 'afwa 'indal Hisab, Wan Najaata Minan Naar"
Amin Amin Amin Ya Robbal 'Alamiin.